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Hi Friends! Well it’s been almost three weeks since the launch of my new photo website and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback you have given me. Thanks for looking around and being a part of this new journey! It feel so good to have everything organized and clear for future clients and friends.

Anyway, on to what you came to see – more pictures! Glenn and Melissa are just the cutest parents-to-be and we had the best time braving the chilly winter morning in Southern California together last month. These sessions always make me smile, especially when the behind the scenes photos include me being wrapped in my clients blankets between takes. Haha! Melissa and I have been friends for a long time too. She is the older sister of my BFF Kaitlin, who also has a little girl! How fun that these two will get to raise their beautiful little baby girls together. Yay for cousin time! Melissa, I wish you and Glenn the very best as you embark on this new journey of parenthood. You’re going to be amazing! Thanks for a really fun shoot. Scenery like things sure makes me miss my California days. 😀 Thanks for having me! Enjoy! XO


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Hi Friends!!! Today is such an exciting day for Monika Bliss Morris Studio. My brand new site is finally live and I’m so pumped about it. And it’s my birthday! My husband is taking me to breakfast at my favorite spot, then we’re headed to the beach to ride bikes and enjoy the stillness of the water. Yay! Celebrations all around.

This new website has some fun features and I hope you’ll check it out. You’ll see loads of galleries for every occasion, fun facts about me, and more! The site is rockin’ and rollin’ with splashes of hot pink to make you feel happy inside and highlights some of my favorite images, ever. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I shot my very first wedding in 2009 and it has been fun to watch my photography and photography in general to evolve. XOXO and thanks for joining me on this journey.

Also, to celebrate the launch off this new website, I’m offering 10% off any session! This is a limited time offer, so be sure to hurry. ❤️

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Hi friends! Today is a very special day on the blog. Another one of my besties from high school is having a baby!!! Tiffany is just the sweetest and invited me out to California to document this special time in their lives. Zack and Tiffany are due in the next week or so, so the time is getting close! During this session I realized once again why I love my job so much. To capture pure love and excitement like this is such an honor. Zack and Tiffany — your love in contagious and I can’t wait to meet little baby A. She is being welcomed into the world by the most loving parents. Clearly she has already stolen the hearts of many. 🙂 Much love to both of you as you continue to prepare to meet your little girl. Thanks for such a beautiful evening running around our old stomping grounds in Redlands, CA, complete with Á La Minute ice cream. Mmm. Congratulations again! I hope you enjoy the photos! XOmblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0249mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0250mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0251mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0252mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0253mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0254mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0255mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0256mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0257mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0258mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0259mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0260mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0261mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0262mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0263mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0264mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0265mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0266mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0267mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0268mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0269mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0270

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Yay! I’ve been very excited to finally post this session. Kaitlin is one of my very best friends, ever, and she and Jared have graced the blog a couple times over the years. This session is very exciting in particular, because we get to meet little Kinsley! I was fortunate enough to get to fly out to California for a week shortly after Kinsley was born to help out. What a blessing that was! Now she is huge and flashing those big blue eyes everywhere she goes. Oh and her giggles! She has so much personality, as you’ll see in the photos ahead. Life is good. Thanks for coming to visit Auntie! Hope you enjoy. XOmblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0236mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0237mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0238mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0239mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0240mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0241mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0242mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0243mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0244mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0245mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0247mblissm_monika_photography_orlando_0246

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This family is always looking so good!  🙂  It was such a beautiful day in Central Florida when we had our shoot. Ansley + Harvey are growing like weeds and it’s always so fun to capture their personalities. Ansley still loves princesses (the secret to getting that precious smily on camera) and Harvey was crawling like a speedster! And of course Scott and Laura … looking pretty romantic in that last photo! Much love, friends. Thanks for spending the morning with me. I hope you enjoy!


Interested in booking a photography sessionContact me for more info! Also, if you enjoyed this post, be sure to join the party on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for fun photos and updates. ♥