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George + Britni | Wedding | Calhoun, GA

Yay! I’m SO excited to share this beautiful wedding with you guys today. I promise you’re just going to love it. These two are just the absolute sweetest, and it was an honor to capture their day! From their sweet first look, to their snuggles in the car, to their sparkly spend off, their wedding day was filled with much love and beauty. And remember those cute pups from their engagement session? Well, Tipper even got to be part of the special day! Thanks so much for having us guys. I loved every minute! Cheers to an happy marriage!

Many hands make light work, so I want to be sure to thank my fantastic second shooter, Leslie Woodard, who joined me for this wedding. Also, all the beauty that we captured in the venue was all the mastermind of the one and only, Zach McDonald, of 86 Things. Brides, call this guy up! He is guaranteed to make your wedding day look like a dream. XOmblissm_wed__0259mblissm_wed__0260mblissm_wed__0261mblissm_wed__0262mblissm_wed__0263mblissm_wed__0264mblissm_wed__0265mblissm_wed__0266mblissm_wed__0267mblissm_wed__0268mblissm_wed__0269mblissm_wed__0270mblissm_wed__0271mblissm_wed__0275mblissm_wed__0274mblissm_wed__0276mblissm_wed__0277mblissm_wed__0278mblissm_wed__0279mblissm_wed__0280mblissm_wed__0281mblissm_wed__0282mblissm_wed__0283mblissm_wed__0284mblissm_wed__0298mblissm_wed__0299mblissm_wed__0300mblissm_wed__0301mblissm_wed__0307mblissm_wed__0308mblissm_wed__0285mblissm_wed__0286mblissm_wed__0287mblissm_wed__0288mblissm_wed__0289mblissm_wed__0290mblissm_wed__0291mblissm_wed__0305mblissm_wed__0304mblissm_wed__0302mblissm_wed__0303mblissm_wed__0292mblissm_wed__0293mblissm_wed__0294mblissm_wed__0295mblissm_wed__0297

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  • Jacque - 07/07/2014 - 4:24 pm

    Great work Monika! What a darling wedding :-)ReplyCancel

    • monika bliss morris - 07/08/2014 - 6:48 pm

      Thanks Jacque! <3ReplyCancel

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